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Pottery workshop for adults at the Carlo Zauli Museum

4-star pottery classes

The Carlo Zauli Museum is situated in the old town centre, on the site where famous local sculptor Carlo Zauli used to have his workshops before he passed away in 2002. With a modern, contemporary feel, that same space is now kept alive and welcomes artists from all over the world; it is also used for educational workshops and cultural events organised by the artist’s son Matteo, who is the founder and manager of the space.
The museum is a unique space where we can experience ceramic work from over the years. It has also been a meeting point for major contemporary artists, who over the years have been invited first by Carlo and now by Matteo as part of the museum’s Resident Artists projects.
The museum has become a focal point of reference in Italian contemporary art yet it has not lost the old-world charm of the ceramics workshop. The exhibition rooms house a permanent collection dedicated to the sculptor as well as works donated by past resident artists. There is also a small garden with tree sculptures and three workshops, which are the very same ones where Zauli and his team once created their work. These are also the rooms where the workshops organised with Hotel Vittoria are held.

One course includes a day away from the museum, when participants head out into the Faenza countryside, out into the middle of the characteristic ravines of the area and the Sottosasso ceramics workshop. This is run by Marco Malavolti and Lorella Morgantini, two potters who work on museum projects with contemporary artists. Matteo Zauli is the tutor for the theory part of the course, potters from the Sottosasso workshop run the practical workshop, and local potters Ennio Ballabene and Aida Bertozzi, who both work regularly with the museum, also tutor. Bertozzi was assistant to Zauli from 1980 and now organises the Resident Artist projects.